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31.8 (19:00) comes to you visits shopping malls in different parts of Finland this autumn.

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You can interact with public services easily and safely whenever the time suits you.

You can find the right information and services and get help for different kinds of situations in your life. The map view helps you find the services that are near you and the locations of the places where you can have dealings with authorities:

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Registers and official services

You can handle business with different officials with one login and see your own information in different registers. Log in with your on-line banking information, mobile digital ID, or your official ID card.

Check your register information on

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Messages (coming)

Notices, decisions, and other important messages from authorities will be available on, traditional paper mail will no longer be needed.  Soon you can also handle communication with officials with a mobile app.

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If you are unable or unwilling to deal with officials or companies yourself, you will be able to authorize someone else to handle your personal matters or those of your company.  e-Authorizations is already available in many web services.

Test how authorization works (in Finnish) makes it easier for you to handle matters related to your company: You will find the information you need for setting up and running a company, as well as the necessary information, services, and tools that you need for different situations at one address:

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Registers and official services

A logged in user gets access to tools linked with entrepreneurship on the web service.  You can interact with different authorities with a single login, and check information from the Finnish Trade Register, for instance. Log in with your on-line banking information, mobile digital ID, or your official ID card.

Register information in

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Messages (coming) Messages can soon be taken into use by companies. As is the case with citizens, companies will receive bulletins, documents, decisions, and many other messages from authorities in digital form in the future.

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Authorizing and handling matters on behalf of a company will soon be more widely available on the Web Service. e-Authorizations is already used in many web services.

Test how authorization works (in Finnish)

Should your company be part of the whole?

Companies can offer their services cost-effectively, with high quality, and reliably with the help of the services. Services for companies (PDF)

By using the whole, service providers get visibility for their services while cost-effectively producing high-quality, reliable, and safe services for citizens and companies.

For the public and private sectors
Icons / Illustration / Valtuudet Created with Sketch. e-Authorizations

Offer citizens and companies the possibility to authorise another person to do business on your digital services. Data Exchange Layer

Build new, innovative services that make use of many different kinds of information from many services. The service enables moving information in standard format between the systems of different organisations. It also creates a foundation for building new kinds of secure service wholes and for automatic data transfer between systems.

Icons / Illustration / Palvelutietovaranto Created with Sketch. Finnish Service Catalogue (PTV)

Make information about your service and your organisation available on The information is also available to our own website and other web services, and it will be easy to update with APIs or a user interface.

Palveluhallinta Service Management (coming)

Start using services easily, manage them, and get support for the use that you need – all in one location.

For the public sector
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Send decisions, instructions, and bulletins to citizens by e-mail instead of traditional paper mail. If a citizen wants mail on paper, the service alters and sends paper versions to the recipient on your behalf.

Icons / Illustration / Tunnistus Created with Sketch. e-Identification

Take the citizens’ safe identification into use in your digital services. Identification is possible by using on-line bank access codes, or mobile ID. Citizens can access several different public services with just one login.

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Make maps and location information a part of your own services. The Maps service is already a part of the Web Service. It helps users locate the service points.

Icons / Illustration / Pankkikortit Created with Sketch. Payments (coming)

Offer your users a unified and secure user interface for official fees in an on-line store or e-service.

Is your organisation already involved in the whole? Learn more: has information and services also for the needs of officials collected together in one location:

Digitalisation of public services visits shopping malls around Finland

Thursday, September 7 (9-19)
Helsinki, Kamppi
Friday, September 8 (9-19)
Helsinki, Kamppi
Tuesday, September 12 (11-19)
Vantaa, Jumbo
Wednesday, September 13 (11-19)
Vantaa, Myyrmanni
Friday, September 15 (10-18)
Helsinki, Itis
Tuesday, September 19 (11-19)
Turku / Raisio, Skanssi (AP)
Wednesday, September 20 (11-19)
Turku / Raisio, Hansa
Thursday, September 21 (11-19)
Pori, Puuvilla
Friday, September 22 (11-19)
Tampere, Koskikeskus
Saturday, September 23 (10-18)
Tampere, Ideapark
Tuesday, September 26 (11-19)
Hämeenlinna, Goodman
Wednesday, September 27 (11-19)
Lahti, Trio
Thursday, September 28 (11-19)
Kouvola, Veturi
Friday, September 29 (11-19)
Kotka, Pasaati
Saturday, September 30 (10-18)
Lappeenranta, IsoKristiina
Wednesday, October 4 (11-19)
Mikkeli, Stella
Thursday, October 5 (11-19)
Joensuu, Iso Myy
Friday, October 6 (11-19)
Kuopio, Matkus
Saturday, October 7 (10-18)
Jyväskylä, Forum
Wednesday, October 11 (11-19)
Tuuri, Tuurin kyläkauppa
Thursday, October 12 (11-19)
Seinäjoki, Epstori
Friday, October 13 (11-19)
Vaasa, Rewell Center
Saturday, October 14 (10-18)
Kokkola, Kauppakeskus Chydenia
Wednesday, October 18 (11-19)
Oulu, Valkea
Thursday, October 19 (11-19)
Rovaniemi, Kauppakeskus Revontuli
Friday, October 20 (11-19)
Rovaniemi, Sampokeskus
Thursday, October 26 (11-19)
Espoo, Iso Omena
Friday, October 27 (10-18)
Espoo, Sello
Saturday, October 28 (10-18)
Espoo, Tapiolan Ainoa

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